Construction, Property & Tenancy Law

Construction, Property & Tenancy Law

We advise and support you in all matters relating to construction, property and tenancy law. Drawing upon our many years of experience, you receive practice-oriented solutions.

We represent your interests before a court and in negotiations with the authorities.

We provide the following services:

Public construction law:

  • Support and representation with building permit procedures
  • Appeals or opposition to planned buildings or projects
  • Advice and representation during a planning process

Private construction law:

  • Easement agreements
  • Laws governing rights of neighbours
  • Auditing and drafting of construction contracts
  • Enforcement and defence of claims relating to defects
  • Registration and defence of building contractor liens / preferential rights

Property law:

  • Auditing and drafting of purchase agreements and property management agreements
  • Auditing and drafting of purchase, first refusal and repurchase rights agreements
  • Auditing and drafting of building rights agreements
  • Advice on property management and administration
  • Advice on ownership questions: sole ownership, co-ownership, floor ownership

Tenancy law:

  • Auditing and drafting of tenancy agreements
  • Advice and representation in cases of defects and damages in a rental property
  • Maintenance of a rental property
  • Rent increase / rent reduction
  • Proper termination of a tenancy agreement
  • Extension of a tenancy agreement
  • Subletting and subsequent letting